Friday, May 11, 2018

Non Chronological Report.

In Rimu class for the last 2 weeks we have been learning about Non Chronological Reports. I have learnt how to write a non fictoin story. it was dificult at the first Non Chronological Report because I didn`t know how to write in third person but after 2 terms I can write more than 250 words.

Here is my writing.

The shoe trial.


This shoe is a sneaker designed for running. 46 children at YMS school tested these shoes for a month
to receive some information on the slick design.


The style of this shoe is to look good out in public but comfortable on the inside of the shoe. It has a
feature to keep the toe of the shoe stiff to prevent the shoe from tearing apart. This feature is important
because it helps the frame of the shoe stay strong and long lasting.


The shoe is made of a leather rim around the shoe to prevent the inside from getting damp. It is also
made of a soft rubbery material to make the shoe flexible with the soul of the shoe glued to the bottom.

This shoe will cost from about $6-$17 in any range of size. The comparison of this shoe towards nike is
that it is a shoe that will last for over 3 years. The difference from children shoes and adult shoes is that
adult shoes are that the souls of the shoe is more stiff than the child shoes which are to support the child
stability of walking/running.


Over all this is a sports shoe that supports children's feet and come with a hiking grips on the bottom of
the shoe to give more resistance on wet grass. This is a great slick design as well to show off to all your
friends in your neighbourhood and buy one get one 50% off. Limited stock only so hurry now!

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